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Guardian Advisors are a Dorset based health and safety and performance management firm. We work closely with our clients from across Dorset and the UK to develop and maintain a very positive attitude towards Performance and Health and Safety. We offer a total common sense approach to ensure our clients comply with current legislation and provide ongoing support and health and safety training at all levels.

Our objective is to allow you to focus on your business whilst we maintain your overall health and safety management system. By working closely with our clients we ensure that Health and Safety is not just another document gathering dust.

The bar has been raised and managers have to up their game if their organisations are to survive and thrive in this very difficult trading environment. With so many employees now seen as operating below the bar, effective Performance Management has never been so critical.

We offer a bespoke service to all our clients at a fixed cost. Simple solutions and systems ensure management and staff commitment.

For a no obligation overview of your current policies please contact us.
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